Client Comments

"This has been the best thing for me since I can remember"

"For at least twenty years I’d lost the sense of me. I’d done what was "right" – being a wife and a mom and in the process I suppressed me. I got to a place where I was very hopeless.

After my divorce, I was still trying to find my direction in my personal life.

Now, after working with Bruce, I’m in such a solid place that I know even though there will be challenges, I know I can face them. That’s what surprises me most. Now it doesn’t even phase me. I see what matters most to me and I’m not going to worry about it. Before, my fear has held me back.

This has been the best thing for me since I can remember. It is like embracing life in a bigger way. I am with the love of my life now. He is someone who totally supports me and who cherishes me. I never before imagined such a wonderful connection was possible. 

The thing I most value the fact in doing this work is that I feel like I can be me. I’ve come to trust the process and it’s turned out so much better than I even imagined. That’s a big one."

Sonia S. - Real Estate Investor

"I cannot express how rapid and deep my transformation

occurred as a result of my sessions with Bruce."

"I heard from a friend that Bruce was an excellent coach and mentor.

"At our first session, Bruce had a supportive, down-to-earth style that felt real and connected. He has a powerful masculine presence that is nurturing and connecting.

"Until I met Bruce, I had been without a long-term relationship for over 15 years. Past trauma, fears and insecurities led to a vicious cycle of over-eating and isolation, further reducing my chances of finding a partner. Although by the time I met Bruce I had resolved much of my emotional eating, I still struggled with persistent difficulty attracting and connecting with an equal partner.

"I was able to more clearly see ways in which I settling for emotionally vacant partners and release those relationships. Bruce helped me to see and project my true self, opening me up to attract my partner.

"I cannot express how rapid and deep my transformation occurred as a result of my sessions with Bruce."

Julie C. - Nurse practitioner

"My Journey With Dr. Bruce"

"I was having issues with my back, so I went to see him for acupuncture. Came to find out that my problem was stress and emotional fatigue for which he introduced me to Fearless Freedom Formula.

"At the end of our sessions Dr. Bruce would say “go play” and that gave me an opportunity to take what I learnt and make it my own. Little did I know that this would bring up things from my past relationships which were blocking the path to my future person.

"My sessions with Dr. Bruce are open ended. I never know what we are going to address, so I allow myself to be in the present and whatever issue is to be dealt with will flow to the surface. At that point he guides me through the process.

"While doing this work, I found my worth, strength, power and vulnerability. Now that I see who I am, I like me. I’ll never forget what Dr. Bruce said, “be like a bar of steel wrapped in cotton. Intention + Clarity = Vulnerability”. I’m clear in what I want. I am willing to stand in my vulnerability and still be strong. 

"I have found a confidence in myself that I have come to appreciate. 

"I’ve had such fun working with Dr. Bruce. I’ve learnt so much and have been able to become a better practitioner in working with my patients. My journey doesn’t end here so am looking forward to what is next."

Metie B. - Physician Assistant