About Bruce Eichelberger

Bruce Eichelberger is a strong, compassionate, fiercely focused advocate for women recovering from narcissistic abuse.

27 years married to a toxic, malignant narcissist. He gets it. And he's seen too many women who suffer likewise. 

Now he is on a mission to empower them to reclaim their life and their self-esteem. To reconnect with their authentic self and move forward with strength & clarity.

He's known for his deep insights and the ability to bring out the best in those he works with. 

Always present, fearless and able to bring a smile, trust him to move you from victim to victory.

Dr. Bruce Eichelberger
"I believe recovery from narcissistic abuse is possible.

"I believe every woman deserves to stand strong in their relationships.

"And I believe that every woman can make the shifts for this to happen, often faster than they ever imagined."